We are launching a new effort to move Milwaukee forward.


What we do

Our five-part strategy was created with significant input from a diverse group of stakeholders. It is formulated to create and sustain the conditions necessary for enduring, significant, positive change. Together, we will move our city forward.

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Our programs

City Forward Collective provides support and resources to all types of schools in each of Milwaukee’s school sectors — MPS, MPS charter, independent charter, and private schools that accept public tuition vouchers.

Our programs provide resources and training to school parents and other community stakeholders; teachers, school leaders, and other educators; and governance board members.

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July 2019

Excellence isn’t enough, she argued; it needs to be excellence for all.

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We are building a collective of individuals and organizations working to end educational inequity in Milwaukee and ensure every child has access to a great school. Together, we will move our city forward. Join us.


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We’re building a team of entrepreneurial leaders who are committed to achieving equity for Milwaukee’s children.

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Connect with us to learn more about our work, share your perspective, and engage in our efforts to move our city forward.

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Our work is made possible by the investments of committed residents of Milwaukee’s communities.